Fear lives on my say so!

Every now and again, we find ourselves up against obstacles that seem impenetrable and overwhelming. From a far, they seem to span the width of oceans. They shake us-taunt us-at our core; causing us to question our intellect, our purpose and even our rationale. We go so far as to tell ourselves: maybe this wasn’t such a good idea; maybe we should just stop or take a breather, it’s not like we’re quitting.

We compile a list,  in our minds, of all the reasons we should step down, take a break or call it day. We sing its song, over and over, attempting to convince ourselves that it’s for the best. And just when we’re about to acquiesce, it hits us. We remember who writes the lyrics for this song: none other than our arch nemesis-fear.  

We remember that “no’s, don’ts, can’ts, won’ts, and nevers” are trademarks of fear; wherever they are, we know we should be in the opposite direction. So, we run, faster than before, harder than ever; because we remember our power lies in what we say-in what we decide.

So, we turn, toe to toe, look fear in the eye and remind it of our motto once more: you live and breathe on my say so and today, I say, you’re as good as dead!

Fear has as much power as we give it. Choose today to give it nothing!

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