Sometimes Sisters Aren’t Cool

My Sister’s A Girl?!?: Noooo! Malcolm 5, Sariah 3


This one is just so cute! It still makes me laugh!!


Malcolm: laughing hysterically. Mommy, listen to Sariah.

Me: Sariah’s shrieking in utter delight at the top of her lungs because her brother is making funny faces at her. What’s wrong with Sariah, honey?

Malcolm: still laughing. She screams like a girl!!!


Okay, so this is where my “mommy senses” began to tingle.


Me: uhhh, Malcolm, honey?

Malcolm: still laughing Yes Mommy?

Me: she is a girl.

Malcolm: who’s a girl?

Me: Your sister.

Malcolm: no she’s not.

Me: yes, she is.

Malcolm: no she’s not. She can throw a ball, girls can’t do that!

Me: Honey, she’s your sister.

Malcolm: uh-huh.

Me: Your sister?

Malcolm: okay.

Me: Honey, sisters are girls. A sister is a girl!

Malcolm: no longer laughing and quite pale and panicked. My sister’s a girl?!? She’s a girl?!?#*!

Me: yes, honey, she’s a girl.

Malcolm: he plopped on the floor, shoulders drooping with unbelief staining his face. My sister’s a girl. I can’t believe it…all this time…she’s a girl.

Me: honey, it doesn’t matter that she’s a girl. You can still play with her.

Malcolm: play with her?!? I can’t play with a girl!! They’re gross!!


And with those words, my son’s relationship with his sister was never quite the same. Although, they’re like peanut butter and jelly now, my son still is known on occasion to say to me “Mommy if God really loves me, he’d give me a brother!”  Listen, I’m not touching that one. I’ve learned to pick my battles! And this isn’t one of them.


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