When A Hug Just Isn’t

Mommy’s having sex, even in the church!: A hug just isn’t a hug anymore. Malcolm age 8, Sariah 6


This one needs no explanation. Why? Just keep reading.


Malcolm: whispering Sariah, I have a secret

Sariah: oooh, tell me! Tell me!

Malcolm: SHHHH! Close the door first.

Sariah: partly closes the door. Ok, what’s the secret?

Malcolm: I know what sex is.

Sariah: gasp YOU DO?!?

Malcolm: And you know what else? Mommy’s having it all the time

Sariah:  gasp no!! Is she really?!?

Malcolm: yup! and out in the open and everything, even in church!!

Sariah: gasping did you see her?!?

Malcolm: yup!! I sure did! With my own eyes!!!

Sariah: oh my goodness, what will Jesus say?


Okay, okay. I must interject here. The conversation went on for another minute before I finally realized that my son’s idea of having sex was giving hugs. Yes, hugging. So, needless to say, every time I hugged a man, not a woman I was having sex. His logic is perplexing, wouldn’t you agree? And till this day, Malcolm runs whenever a woman asks him for a hug, be it family or friend. He just runs away screaming like a mad man! Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why didn’t you correct him? I did actually and you know what his response was?  “Mommy, I understand what you’re saying, but I’m still not taking any chances!”

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