Mind If I Get Real for a Moment?

Originally, I sent this message out to the ladies in my Life Group. But it really can apply to anyone of us.

Ever have someone tick you off so bad you thought about slapping them upside the head with whatever was within reach?! A shoe, a stapler, maybe even your car? 


Now, don’t sit there and act like you don’t know what I’m talking about!


At some point in time or another, you’ve wanted to hurt somebody, somewhere!


Now, let’s get on the same page about what I’m NOT talking about. I’m not talking about the cutesy stuff we can recover from in a few minutes. Or the I’m kinda sorta angry moments we all experience from time to time.  


No, I’m talking about the kind of stuff that makes you so angry,  you unchain that feisty chick you used to be from back in the day. Yes, that’s right, you let Ms. Thang out of her cage. Who’s Ms. Thang?


She’s: the chick that’d tell a person off in the blink of an eye or worse, she’d let a person know what she really thought of them: the R rated version! You know her: eye rolling,  neck swerving, hand on hip wearing chick who’d take a person out! She’s the one who would whoop somebody that like they Momma should have.



Ah, I thought you knew her. Her name is Ms. Thang or Sista’ Girl; and make no mistake, she’s deadly.


We try to keep her chained up or locked away in solitary confinement; but sometimes other people wrong us so badly, we’re all too happy to let her out to do her thang


We’ve all been there and done that. But when the dust settles and the claws retract we cannot deny: we know better than that. We’re born for greater than that! And we know: God wasn’t pleased.


So, what can we do? Should we just lay down and be a doormat for every person to wipe their feet on? Absolutely, not!


But we can break the shackles of offense off of our lives, one person and one deed at a time.


Through repentance and forgiveness, we don’t have to wallow in the mistakes we make, nor do we have to allow those mistakes to continually beat us over the head.


Instead, we can love ourselves by releasing those who’ve offended us while simultaneously destroying the power their offense held in our lives.


We’ll be wiser and better for it.


So, choose today to keep your Ms. Thang bound, so that the power of joy and love can abound in you that much more!


Thanks for visiting!


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