Vulcan Death Grip Works Wonders

It was 9:30pm. I was tired and I wasn’t playing around.

Do you think that deterred my son from the usual: but I’m not even tired or the aww, that’s not fair routine?

Not even close.

So, like any mother would do, I turned to the Vulcan Death Grip. Like you wouldn’t?!

Unashamed, I unleashed its power onto my son which sent him spiraling into a deep slumber and he slept soundly the whole night through.

That totally happened….right after he shrieked in laughter because apparently, death grips aren’t what they used to be–curse you Mr. Spock!

In the end, he laughed so hard he wore himself out; and drifted off into a world where Transformers and Ninja Turtles work to free children, everywhere, from the oppressive regimes of their parents.

Wow. I’m part of a regime. Go figure.

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