A River Flows

Rivers of life that swell from within

Submit yourself and be kissed by Him

Enter His arms of mercy and grace

Be filled with his glory in your secret place

Receive him, I beg you, deny him no more

For he covets your praise, yes its praise he adores

From the time before time, from then until now

He’s desired to love you and reveal to you how

To walk in his power of courage and faith

To delve deeper in holiness, to wholly partake

Of wisdom and joy, of blessings divine

Of favor manifested in quenched areas of your life

Oh rivers of praise that flow from the heart

Bare thy soul, surrender and shun him not

Oh rivers of reverence arise and sing

Holy, Holy, Holy is the One True King

Blessings and honor and glory and praise

Be unto the Lamb, the Ancient of Days

I yield to you my breath and the confines of my soul

I surrender to you my all and everything thing I hold

In you I will trust, in you I will stay

I’ll rest on the promises your word conveys

That neither life, nor death, nor principality

Can deter or hinder the destiny you have for me

Yes, in you I will trust, in you do I boast

The King of Glory, the Maker of Heaven’s Hosts

Oh rivers of life that cry out from within

Prostrate thyself and partake of Him

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