New. You. Now.

new-years-imageYou’ve sang the song, drank the champagne, laid out your resolutions for 2009 and you’re psyched. You’re ready to climb any mountain, slay any obstacle, meet any challenge; there’s no doubt about it: you’re out for blood. Hurrah! It’s game time baby!!


And then something begins to happen. A month goes by, then four and once again, you’re left with an exhausting list of do’s and not enough done’s.   Before you know it, you’re right where you were last year: doing the same thing, expecting different results. ENOUGH!


Making a list of goals and objectives is great; but understand this: it’s impossible to change your actions without changing the person who makes those actions. There has to be an inner change before an outer change can occur. What you need is a NEW. YOU. NOW.  


How does that work? Ask yourself these questions:


·          If failure wasn’t an option and money, not an issue, what would you dare to do?

·          When was the last time you were so excited about your life, job, home, etc., that you couldn’t wait to get up in the morning?

·          Are you taking steps to live your dreams or are you merely dreaming about them?

·          When was the last time you made an investment in yourself?


And this, my friend, is just the beginning. The end goal is to get you to spend time getting to know the REAL you and what makes you tick.


For years, I was unsatisfied with my life but I was resolved to accept it as it was and leave it at that.  But once I started asking myself these questions, I discovered things that surprised me, like: the things that really drive me are teaching, writing (poetry and fiction) and empowering women. Can you imagine? The loner girl (that’s me) who’s too shy to speak up and too withdrawn to speak out, wanting to teach? I stayed in the finance field because it was safe. I was in my comfort zone which consisted of me, my desk and millions of numbers; and it was good—it WAS good.


 But once I took time to know me and my passions, I took steps to strengthen me in the areas where I was weakest. I took a self-esteem class through my church (New Life Fellowship), attended seminars, read books and then I made out my list and goals for the future–long term and short. And let me tell you, I started noticing more done’s than do’s in no time!


I look back over the last five years and I can honestly say I’m glad I took the time to find out who I was.  And so can you.  2009 is the time to discover a new, you, now.





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