When All You Have is a Word…

PrayingYou know how you can’t write about something until you’ve lived through it? 


Well, I recently lived through a situation that I’ll tell you about.


Many of you know that I’m graduating in a few months. WHOOO HOO!! I walk the stage baby! I’m sa-cited!!


But I digress.


The other day, I received a lovely note from my college informing me that they wouldn’t be accepting a few of my transfer credits. Allow me to paint you a picture of what this meant: I wouldn’t be graduating in May. I couldn’t take other classes to make up for the credits as it was already well over a month into the semester. If I could take the credits, I’d have to drop out of my internship and to top that off, I wouldn’t have the monies to cover any additional courses because I had to give those up when I went from full-time to part-time.  To make it plain, I was out of options.


I could’ve just retreated into a corner and cried, yelled or screamed. I could’ve whined about how unfair this was. I could’ve turned my back and ran off with my tail between my legs. I could’ve accepted their news and went on to apply for the summer semester. But there’s one thing you have to know: I had a word. A promise. An expectation and I wasn’t about to let it go!


Armed with plenty of ammunition, I set out to right this wrong. My plan? To rip someone, somewhere, a new something! But, instead, I took a deep breath and asked Wisdom to speak. I heard: express your feelings but not in anger. Tell your story but blame no one. Make your requests known and offer to help in the resolution.


Offer to help? Don’t blame anyone? Don’t be angry? Whoa. But I did it. I made the decision to respond Wisdom’s way. And you know what?  The person I sent my response to was moved not by me but by the “civility in your email.” This person looked into my situation and discovered the discrepancy and then took the steps to resolve it herself! I didn’t have to do a thing. In short, I GRADUATE IN MAY, BABY!!


So, the next time you think you want to rip someone, something new; allow Wisdom to rip into you so that neither pride nor anger would have its way in how you respond.


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