The Eye of the Storm

RainbowI’ve always heard that the safest place to be is in the eye of the storm. Ok, I’ll admit, when I first heard this it made no sense to me.  Having lived through a few hurricanes, I believed the safest place to be was anywhere the storm wasn’t.

Still, the phrase peaked my interest. So, naturally, I had to do a little digging to quench my own curiosity. Otherwise, I might’ve exploded. Well, maybe not, but would you really want me to take that chance? *smiles*

Here’s what I read:

  • the eye is a circular area, in the storm, where light winds and fair weather can be found in the midst of a severe cyclone or storm
  • in the eye there is very little to no precipitation and often times blue sky or stars can be seen
  • in the storm, the eye has the lowest surface pressure and temperatures tend to be at its warmest
  • the eye has a low-level layer which is relatively moist, unlike the rest of the layers in the storm

Pretty interesting, no? Now, allow me to share what I heard:

In life we will ALWAYS encounter storms. There’s no way around it. Yet, in the midst of raging winds, hailing arrows and suffocating turbulence, we can find fair weather and light winds in Him. We can rest knowing that no matter how severe, trying or painful the storm, drawing near to Him will cause the rains to cease, the clouds to dissipate and the stars of hope to sparkle. We will be pressed on all sides but not broken; afflicted but never abandoned. Hence, when the storm blasts us with its crippling icy mists, the warmth of His unfailing love will uproot and overturn its power in our life. And when we feel cracked and void of hope and faith, He kisses our souls with sweet waters of faith and joy. We are refreshed and renewed in the secret places of our soul.

And I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the safest place to be. Don’t you agree?

Thanks for visiting,


5 thoughts on “The Eye of the Storm

  1. Elissa says:

    Selena, thank you for the poetic reminder of God’s love and faithfulness to me! Love you much and I’m so proud of you.


    • 1stepup says:

      Hi Mike!

      I’m glad you stopped in for a visit! Thanks for the compliment and I hope you’ll stop by again. =))


  2. Clint Preston says:

    May I have permission to use your photograpgh “eye of the storm”
    for the back of my CD cover. The name of the album is Eye Of The Storm and it is all contemporary christian instrumantals.
    It is so perfect for the people to see and to remind them of God’s promise.

    God bless,

    Clint Preston

    12 Gate Recordings
    Portland Oregon


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