Soo Too Should My Life Be…

As the heavens, through unspoken whispers of beauty, attest to the glory and splendor of a Holy God, so too should my life be; that all who gaze upon it, would behold the breathtaking power of His unfailing love. 


natures-beautyI remember the day this word was breathed into me. It was a day filled with awe and wonder as I took the time to fill my lungs with fragrant lilacs and roses; as I stood in my unkept yard and listened,  intently, to the family of Robins, Cardinals and Bluejays that sang without ceasing. It was extraordinary.


Blossoming flowers, singing birds and swaying trees–their presence humbled me.


Despite my neglect to care for, water and maintain this yard, beauty lived and thrived here…which got me thinking…


All of creation sings loudly–unashamedly–declaring the power of God’s majesty. They don’t argue or try to justify the validity of their song. They don’t condemn others for their inability to receive or appreciate their songs. Nor do they walk in arrogance because they have a song.


They speak no words but their existence attests to His glory. They speak no words but His majesty is beheld by all who are in their midst. They speak no words but His love is radiated in all that they do.


So too should my life be that all who would behold it–see it, smell it, taste it or witness it–would know the power of His unfailing love.  


It’s not always what we say to others that causes them to want to embark on a relationship with the Father, sometimes it’s simply how we live or exist.


If you couldn’t speak, would people know that the Sovereign Ruler of Heaven lived in and through you? Would they be able to see the power of His love at work?



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6 thoughts on “Soo Too Should My Life Be…

  1. Analisa Roche says:

    Beautiful, Selena, thank you. I followed your blog link from your Blissfully Domestic article on skin beauty, which I loved as well. I look forward to reading more in the future.


  2. Mema says:

    The beauty of God and His creation should shine through in our lives, not just in our words. You are doubly blessed because in your case He is evident in both.

    Love you; keep writing!


  3. Prudence says:

    Beautiful, Selena, and so well put! Yes, sometimes it is by the way we live our life that can draw others to the Father.
    Prudence 🙂


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