Love ‘Em and Then Love ‘Em Some More


Ever notice how an animal behaves when it’s backed into a corner? Its body hair stands on end. It hisses, snarls or growls to let you know it’ll attack if you come any closer. So, naturally we do what any self-respecting person would: we high tail it in the opposite direction! Common sense dictates that we should.


Now, imagine for a moment that this creature were a friend or loved one. Would you leave your hissing, growling or snarling friend to suffer on their own? If he or she were drowning in a cesspool of self-degradation, anguish and hatred, would you high-tail it then?  How about when they lunge–or claw–at you because you want to help, what do you do? Common sense dictates that we should run.friends


But wisdom dictates something else. Wisdom says we should stay. Not as a punching bag or a doormat but as a friend who understands that letting go is sometimes more frightening to others than they will admit. Sometimes, forsaking the familiar in favor of the unknown causes others to panic or lash out in anger.


Does it hurt? Sometimes. Does it hurt them more? You bet it does.


See: fear, pain, torment and the like are acerbic in nature. They eat through every healthy emotion and thought until all that remains is carnage and desolation.


Our friends or loved ones may not know it but they need our patience, our forgiveness but more important, they need our love. They need us to stand in wisdom’s wake refusing to abandon or judge them at the height of their struggles or torment.


If we are indeed ambassadors of the Most High God, then let us commit to love others as He loves us.


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3 thoughts on “Love ‘Em and Then Love ‘Em Some More

  1. kate spencer says:

    Hi Selena,
    You done it very well, very much indeed. And I will admit that I’m one of them that will be better of staying away from that kind of person.. yeah, like you said it’s just common sense, if you’ve been hurt badly by your loved one, it’s hard to accept, especially when you had done everything to change that person.. but still, he/she is still doing the same.
    But you’re right though, they need us, they’re loved one to be there for them, and understand and love them.
    And after I read this post, I realized that if you really love the person, you will do everything and be with them no matter what.. cause things change, and people change.. we just have to give chance and time and love.



    • 1stepup says:

      Hi Kate! Thanks so much for sharing! You’re so right, sometimes it’s hard to forgive those who’ve hurt us especially when we just want to help. But the true essence of love is forgiveness and acceptance not anger or condemnation. I absolutely don’t believe in being anyone’s punching bag but I know there is a balance and living it can make a world of difference.


  2. Elissa says:

    If it wasn’t for the fact that I know God and His omniscience, I’d swear you could read minds! =) Thank you, this was an awesome article and truly right on time. It strengthens my resolve to love the people God brings to me, His way, even if they’re not at a place to understand it, nor fully embrace it. We both know of one individual who would appreciate it in the long run. (wink, wink)


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