Batman vs. Bratz: A Saga is Born


Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away–original aren’t I–an intergalactic battle of epic proportions ignited, pitting mother against father or in this case da da dommm brother against sister. The battle for superhero supremeness was in full swing.

In his navy blue hooded bathrobe, the Most High Obi-won’t-you-be-sad-when-my-Batman-smokes-your-stupid-Bratz stood fearless with his blue light saber in hand. The master jedi was prepared to wage war. His oppononent the Supreme Princess-my-Bratz-can-too-beat-your-stupid-Batman sat calmly on her pink and green throne chair, poised to attack at any moment.

Eyes glared. Mouths snarled. The air was tense and the trash-talking was da da dommm shocking! And in one swift fail swoop move, Round 1 of the Superhero saga went to I bet you thought I was gonna tell you, didn’t you? Well, read on…

Obi: So, Princess you think your Bratz is better than my Batman do you? I’ll fix that with one wave of my hand. waves hand

Pri: uh, was that supposed to actually do something? Or does that mean you give up?It's On!

Obi: ha! Not a chance. My powers are too strong for you. Batman is better than Bratz, say it. waves hand again

Pri: hmm, i think…nope, he’s not

Obi: waves both hands Batman is bett-

Pri: yawns Not even close

Obi: switches on his light saber and points it at the Princess How about now?!

Pri: smiles and turns to her drawer; rifles through it and pulls something out. You have til the count of 2 before I throw this at you…one

Obi: laughs mockingly Is that your weapon? A shirt?!? continues to laugh

Pri: it’s my bra…two she pulls her hand backj03957601

Obi: panicked and disgusted, he drops his light saber and flees from the princess eeeeyyyaaaaa he’s screaming like a girl Momm–meeeeeee

In that way the victor was decided: Princess-my-bra-trumps-light-saber-any-day was free to reign over BratzBarbie Galaxy.

Disclaimer: this story is absolutely fictional. Any similiarities between these characters and those in real life who might possibly have names like Malcolm or Sariah are strictly COINCIDENTAL. wink, wink. No really. No such event has ever taken place in my home or any galaxy for that matter which is why the names in this story have been changed to protect the guilty the innocent. And another thing, there are plenty of 12-year-old boys who scream like girls…so there’s no shame. But since this story is ficitional, just disregard that last sentence.

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7 thoughts on “Batman vs. Bratz: A Saga is Born

  1. Regina says:

    oooo, coincidental huh? I miss those 2! The power of the bra always trumps everything else… Unless you have a child like David who will put it on his head and parade around in it, but he is the exception to EVERY rule!
    I Like your hair!
    Hey did you get the link I sent you? I think you may appreciate some of her fashions!
    Tell Louise I said HEY!
    Love you much!


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