Blissfully Grateful

joy-in-beingIn the midst of economic downturns, downsizes and downward spirals or paths of life, I’ve made up my mind to be blissfully grateful for the woman I’ve become, the qualities I possess and the faith that sustains me through it all.

To the untrained eye I look young–real young. Some say 20, 25 even 30. No one ever believes I’ll be 40 in a few years. But to those with a keen eye, look closely. There in the lines adorning the outskirts of my eyes–in the 3 strands of grey hairs that accent my crown–you’ll see me: fierce, supple and simple.

I’ve lived through many battles and sustained deep wounds. But thanks to the power of unfailing love and healing, I am renewed in the inner place beyond measure. I dream it and I do it. I speak it and I believe it. I run–not walk. Glide not stutter. I soar like eagles; majesty and beauty flow in and through me. I am endowed with the power to believe in the intangible, the impossible and the invisible.

It is this power that compels me to sing praises and whisper thanks not for what I’ve been through but for who I am as a result. I am blissfully grateful for life, the freedom to love and the power of faith.

What are you grateful for??

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One thought on “Blissfully Grateful

  1. regina says:

    Hey Hun!!
    Been a while! Missing you guys (not enough to come back though)!
    I am definitely grateful for ALL that God has done for me, for my friends and family, for my life but most of all for His Grace & Mercy!
    I could not live without His Grace & His Mercy!

    My love to all!


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