The Weight

weightIt seems my posts are not coming as frequently as I’d like. It’s certainly not for lack of material, topics or even momentum. I’m in an abundant supply of all those and more. In actualilty, I’ve never felt more alive, more full and more talkative. So, then what’s the cause of my sporadic silence? Read on…

For every call, purpose, promise and journey we accept in life, there is a weight and a cost to be paid. And if you’re like me, sometimes that weight bears you down so mightily that you find yourself at a loss for everything. You cease to move even though your limbs are in pristine working order. You seek out isolation even though you’re the go-to-gal in all that you do. You tremble and shiver even though it’s almost 90 degrees outdoors. Why? Because when the weight of what the Father is asking of you in this season becomes a reality, all you can think about is doing anything that might help distract or ease the force of its weight.

See, you realize–once and for all–that your life is not your own. Your hopes, dreams and especially your will, don’t belong to you. If indeed you are a people called by His name then words lik42-15654561e me, my and mine cease to exist. Here’s how that really translates. When you feel like telling your boss, your instructor or your some other person in authority over you how you REALLY feel about their leadership style YOU DON’T. Instead, you repent, offer up sincere prayers on their behalf AND you assist them in whatever capacity is needed. You don’t complain, gossip about it to your friends (under the guise of praying for the individual) or grumble. You will smile, pray and endure because the weight of what God is calling you to in this season is too great to be put on hold for the foolish, petty things of the flesh.

That supervisor, pastor or CEO doesn’t need your neck rolling-hand-on-hip-having-attitude, he or she needs you to stand in the seat of righteousness–to be Christ’s mirror of unconditional love, patience, kindness, meekness, gentleness and self-control. They need the fruit of the spirit, not the fruit of your lips.

Harsh? A little bit in your face? Welcome to my world. Better still, welcome to the world of worshipping in spirit and in truth. People are dying for someone to love on them; aching for someone to act like they care; waiting for someone to take their position as the heirs of the Most High God. We are who they’re waiting for. People of God, it is time to arise!

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