Love. For Real.

When we climb off that pedestal that we so often erect in our honor…

When we pause to consider the convictions of those around us even when they conflict with our own…Battle of the Hands Series

When we decline to hide the ugly truths in our hearts in hopes of maintaining a deified facade…

When we learn once and for all that no matter where we’re from, we can’t get to where we’re going alone…

When we insist that what hurts one of us, hurts us all…

When we finally accept that hate is not a race thing, but an unholy thing…

When we do these, we cease to objectify the very thing meant to save souls and invoke hope. We cease to settle for journeys riddled with the hustles and bustles of “doing” love; and instead, embark on the ultimate quest to love, for real.

Truth: love never grows cold. If it does, it was never love to begin with.

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