Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Just Show Me The Money!!

Yes. I said it. At some point in time or another, we all do. You disagree?

Remember when you were a kid and your parent or guardian was attempting to educate you on the finer points of life lessons like patience, integrity or character? On the outside you were nodding your head but on the inside you were thinking “can we just skip all this nonsense and get to the good stuff already??”

Isn’t it funny that even as adults not that much has changed?

We all want to bypass the hurdles, aches and torrential winds that come with life’s storms. Who wouldn’t? Why would anyone want to endure the torment that ensues from a hard lesson learned? Or endure the pain of a careless decision rendered or a long awaited yes turned no? No one would. But that doesn’t mean the process isn’t necessary.

Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies, it cannot bear any fruit…

All of our potential–the secret power we’ve yet to discover and release–is locked within us. Without the right conditions or pressures from life, hidden is exactly how our potential will remain.

The legacy of the seed is powerful. On the outside, all we see is the one seed–the one lesson that has to be learned, the one hurdle we cannot seem to overcome or the one desire (or dream) that seems to elude us.  But on the inside of the seed, lives the potential for countless trees that’ll span generations. 1 seed has the potential to become a forest.

I implore you: stay the course and don’t give up.

Regardless of what your inner struggle is there are no short cuts on this journey. We all have a cross–a pain–that we must bear in order for the priceless gems that we hold within us to truly shine. The good news is, you’re not alone.

I cried out to the Lord and He heard my cries and delivered me from all of my fears…”

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