Understanding How Boys and Girls Think

Boys and Girls: They Are Different Because They Think Different

As a parent of both a male and female child, I’ve learned a powerful truth: boys and girls are different. Not the most profound thing you’ve heard today, I know. Still, aside from the obvious anatomical differences, boys and girls differ in a very unique way: their “train of thought” or simply how they perceive the things around them. Ever notice how a girl can look at a Barbie doll and envision herself combing the doll’s hair, while a boy will see the same doll and envision it being rolled over by the monster truck? Or how a girl looks at colors like pink or lilac and think “oooo” while the same colors causes the boy to dry heave in disgust?

Boys and girls aren’t just different anatomically; they’re different cognitively as well. Don’t believe me? Well, below are few examples that will not only prove I’m right but will have you agreeing with me…guaranteed! Or your money back. Can you tell I always wanted to say that? Now, let the guarantee commence….

Bed-time Differences

Girl: brushes teeth, tucks self into bed and waits for Mom to enter room. On cue “I love you Mom.” **bing** The halo appears, hovers over head as she lays angelically a top her pillow. Mom kisses forehead and exits room.

Boy: brushes teeth and jumps onto bed waiting for Mom to enter. On cue  “didn’t I fire you last week?!” **kapow, wham, boom** 1 Vulcan death grip, 2 Sleeping Monkey maneuvers  and a SuperDuper Smack down until he screams “pink is to an awesome color!” The boy falls onto the pillow. “You’re definitely fired this time!” Mom kisses forehead. “You can’t kiss me!” She exits room.

Bible Study Differences

Girl: Mom, do you think Jesus will return before I get my first kiss?

Boy: Of course He will, that’s why I’m going to start kissing every girl I see starting next week!

Marriage Differences

Girl: Mom, when you re-marry, are we going to have more siblings? I think I’d like having a younger sister

Boy: If you think for one moment that you’re having more kids, think again. It’s disgusting what you grown-ups do with your bodies these days. Me and this husband of yours, we’re going to have a loooong talk about that! Hmmph!

Heaven Differences

Girl: do you think if your biscuits make it heaven that they’ll taste even better?

Boy: I don’t know why you’re asking because you won’t be eating any. I know it’s heaven but a man’s got to draw the line somewhere.

Differences Proven: Told You I Was Right!

By now you’ve clearly seen a pattern. They boy is way funnier than the girl? Um, no. Well, yes but the real pattern is evidenced in how they think. The boy often spoke from a “matter of fact” perspective while the girl spoke with more curiosity. Likewise, the girl tended to be more “by the book” with her routine while the boy, well, let’s face it, he wasn’t.

I said all of that to say this: regardless of how boys and girls differ, they’re are definitely treasures worth keeping, worth appreciating and worth enjoying! As parents, we owe it to them, regardless of how we think they should be, to celebrate everything they are and will be. Remember, they’re gifts from heaven to us, not to be fashioned in our image, but in HIS.

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5 thoughts on “Understanding How Boys and Girls Think

  1. Elissa says:

    This was a hilarious story!!!! I’m laughing so hard, tears are rolling down my cheeks!! What a wonderful way to start my day…with laughter; thank you.


    • 1stepup says:

      Thanks Marla!! Those two are so opposite and yet so similar. I can’t wait for your fun to kick in gear; now that’ll be funny!


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