Making Good Choices – Moving Forward and Not Looking Back

Making Good Choices – No Turning Back

You’ve seen the horror movies: girl or guy is chased by psychopath with a knife so they run for their lives; but no matter how far they run or how fast they go, they will undoubtedly look back. That’s right. They turn around to look behind them and we all know what happens every time–they get caught and they die.

So much of the same holds true for us. We find ourselves in the fight of our lives. Some of us have lost jobs, have encountered trying circumstances or have finally moved forward in fulfilling a dream, passion or desire. We’re finally making head way with the plans and goals that we’ve set for ourselves. Life is good until one word or circumstance sends our confidence and security spiraling out of our grasp. The harder we try to cling to it, the faster it seems to disappear. Hopelessness. Defeat. Doubt.

Maybe I should’ve stayed, it wasn’t that bad was it?

It’s just not meant to be, I don’t know what I was thinking.

I can’t do this. Maybe, they were right. Maybe I’m not cut out for this.

And the maybes, should haves, and could haves continue until our plans, goals and dreams are completely submerged in the sea of second guessing, anxiety and back pedaling. Thus it begins. We start to look back. We turn our eyes from the promise and purpose that’s within our grasp and gaze longingly at the old and familiar; sometimes to the point of immobility and stagnation.

Make the Choice – Don’t Turn Back

It is IMPOSSIBLE to move forward while looking backward!! Looking backward is the best and quickest way to ensure that your dreams, goals and plans for your life remain exactly what they are now: wishful thinking.

No matter what the distraction or circumstance, make the choice to keep moving forward. Or as Nemo’s Dory would say, “keep swimming.” Here are a few ways you can make good choices and keep moving forward.

  • A good defense is a good offense ~ life will throw some things at you but you don’t have take it lying down. Create a list highlighting the reasons why you’re doing what you’re doing. For me, when I made the decision to leave a destructive marriage, I put down all the reasons why I was doing it. I kept the list handy so that every time people or life tried to steer me back in that direction, I had a reminder as to why I had to resist and press forward. Write your list and use it to defend yourself!
  • There is power in your mouth ~ people really underestimate the power that positive words and affirmations have on the psyche. If you speak death to your life and dreams via I can’t, I’m not or I’ll never be you are condemning yourself to a life without hope and growth. Choose to speak life. This is hard but I can; I’m not where I’d like but I’m glad.
  • No retreat. No surrender. ~ you’ve lived through too much, seen too much to give up and do an “about face.” The key to seeing your dreams fulfilled is making the decision to stand and never give up.

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