Finding the Drive to Move Beyond Fear – Why I Hired a Coach to Teach Me How

Moving Beyond Fear – Why I Hired a Coach to Teach Me How

If you’ve taken a look at my site, you’ll notice that I talk a great deal about living your dreams and about making good choices and never turning back. In fact you could say that based on my average post, I have the drive to move beyond fear, bunker down and roll with the punches. {heck, I thought that too}. So what happened? Nothing. I finally came to realization that in order to have something I’ve never had, I’ve got to do something that I’ve never done!

I have the education, the experience and the determination. I have the support of friends, family and mentors. I even have my very own tailor-made cheerleading section (my children). So what was my problem? In a word, fear.

It’s wasn’t the kind of fear I used to wrestle with–the kind that stifles and overwhelms you with so much anxiety and hopelessness that you literally become paralyzed. This fear was different. It was the kind that concedes that you CAN do or accomplish the thing you desire while simultaneously saying it just wasn’t possible. Like saying, oh you can be a writer but what kind of writer are you if you’re not a best seller, if you’re not writing for the New Yorker? Or how about this one: sure you can be an encourager of mothers, women and men, but how effective are you if you’re not reaching mass groups of people? How effective do you even think you can be? You see my dilemma?  A new level of fear required a new level of weapon and for me, my weapon of choice was Marjorie Bostwick.

Not only was she warm, engaging and ridiculously resourceful and effective, her Visualization and Who Do You Think You Are Tools were mind-opening and truth revealing techniques helping me to put my desires, goals and fears in perspective. Notice, how I didn’t say she told me what to do? Or that she gave me advice on what to do? She helped ME find the answer that I’ve carried inside me all along. Using her Pre-paving tools  and Passion Tests helped me to be honest about my desires and fears, realize their underlying source and create a vision or path that will take me beyond them. So, are you cured? Did it work?

Ha! You’re so cute. The only cure to fear is doing what you desire in spite of it. Having the faith or the belief that you can do something without actually DOING the thing you want to do, is highly ineffective and destitute of power and life. Simply put, faith without works is dead. I wish I could tell you that fear doesn’t raise its ugly voice spewing venom in so many ways. I can’t. But I can say that thanks to Marjorie, I’m armed with the tools I need to silence that fear one step at a time.

Am I moving as fast as I’d like? No, but I’m MOVING! And because I’m moving, doors are opening and opportunities are presenting themselves. Coincidence? Not a chance.

I’m doing things I’ve never done to get the things I want to have. I am worth the investment and truth be told, so are you. Now, what do plan to do about the fear in your life?

Thanks for visiting.

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One thought on “Finding the Drive to Move Beyond Fear – Why I Hired a Coach to Teach Me How

  1. ELISSA says:

    This is excellent Selena, very motivational and practical! Thank you, and I look forward to seeing the fruit of your labor. I see great things in store for you!


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