Who Will Love Me? – Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go

It is heartbreaking to see friends or loved ones who are in agony or who continually make decisions that hurt, wound and cripple their ability to move forward.
It hurts to know that no matter how much wisdom you share or how many encouraging words you speak, the decision to leave or end any present suffering lies mostly with the person–it’s not your decision. Selena, it’s not your decision.
So, you cry–in agony for their gaping, open wounds–because they cannot. You pray–for wisdom and healing–because they will not. And you listen–even though it hurts you something fierce–because at the end of the day, you’d rather they let it go (even a little) than cave in or implode.
Hurt. Pain. Suffering. It’s real. It exists and sometimes even though we are our own worst enemy, it’s important to know that there are people who love us, who cry for us and who bleed with us long after we decide to return to our cycle of pain and torment.
It’s time for those of us who carry your pain within us to walk away–if only for a time–we’re human just like you. But don’t ever think we’ve stopped caring. And when you find yourself asking “who will love me?” Consider this answer.

4 thoughts on “Who Will Love Me? – Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go

  1. Knowledgehound73 says:

    This is especially relevant for those of us who want/need to fix things. It’s so hard to walk away when you want to see improvement in the life of someone that you care about and you know that they will face pain if they don’t change. But, we can’t fix the world can we and sometimes all that’s left is prayer and loving them from a distance.


  2. AWonder says:

    You are absolutely right! We can’t fix anything but with love, patience, prayer and bit of breathing room, it’s amazing what we can accomplish. 🙂


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