Don’t Think. JUMP!!

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Don’t Think. Just Jump!

Ever have a thought, idea, vision or dream that seemed to call to you? When it first presents itself you chuckle, laugh even, because clearly it’s not something you could do. Clearly, this is for someone bold and determined. But the more you think about it–the more you let it stretch its wings and prepare for flight–you know that not only is this something you can do, it’s truly something you’re supposed to do.

In a moment teeming with excitement and awe, your mind, will and emotions align causing you to swoon at the thought of countless possibilities that await you. It lifts higher and higher, giving birth to spoken plans, written decrees and sheer joy. You’ve found your fountain of purpose and you love what you see…until you begin to think.

How am I going to…? ~ I can’t just… ~ Maybe this wasn’t supposed to… ~  How do I know I…? ~ People will think I’m… ~ How will I…? ~ Maybe I shouldn’t…

And the more you think about it–the more you let it take root and shape the innards of your mind and heart–you begin to believe you made a mistake. Maybe you misjudged the situation–moved, when what you should’ve done was  remain still.

And now, instead of your purpose taking flight and soaring so that others can see–far and wide–how it’s done, it is grounded with clipped wings and no where to go.


Fulfilling a dream, goal or plan doesn’t mean you have all the answers up front, it simply means you’re willing to allow yourself the opportunity to discover them as you move forward. You’ll make mistakes. You’ll fall and scrape your knee. You’ll climb uphill, not realizing the short cut was there all along–and it’s okay.

Life is not a journey of absolutes, but one teeming with discovery, joy and redemption. 

You CAN jump before you think yourself out of the abundance and joy you deserve. Here’s how:

  • Write It – you’ll never get to your destination, if you don’t identify where it is. Identify the plan or goal. Put it on paper, in your journal or in your iNotes. If you can see it, you can do it!
  • Own It – nothing hurts our dreams and plans more than procrastination. DON’T DO IT! Grab a hold of your dream and make it yours. Stop looking at what every one else is doing or comparing yourself to “so and so.” Your plans and dreams belong only to you! If you don’t breathe life into them, no one else will.
  • Move It – faith without works is dead. What good is having a dream or goal if you have no intentions on doing anything about it? You know what I call that? Wishful thinking. Do you know where wishful thinking gets you? No where. Food doesn’t magically appear in your refrigerator, you have to go and get it. This is no different. Dreams and visions are meant to be fulfilled but it requires that you work for it, put forth great effort and above all believe in yourself. So, get to moving.
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2 thoughts on “Don’t Think. JUMP!!

  1. Knowledgehound73 says:

    Being a perfectionist this post is spot on! My mind is like the energizer bunny swimming with great ideas (IMHO-smile) and I paralyze myself with thoughts of why this won’t work or “what if I run into this?” Then I think about the parable with the man who hid his one talent…fear is not an excuse. I/We must learn to take that first step and trust God to guide our steps even when we can’t see our way clearly. Thank-you!


    • AWonder says:

      Yes!!Yes!! Fear is not an excuse and neither is impatience, independence or the inability to see clearly. I’m a recovering perfectionist myself and let me tell you, this has definitely been one of the most rewarding and simultaneously painful learning experiences to date. While I’m not fond of the process, it is perfecting me and refining even the more and that is worth smiling about. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and chatting. I’m better because you did. 🙂


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