Never Left Uncovered

Growth. Healing. Rest. All are vital to the strengthening of our inner mind, to the up-building of our soul. Each are a necessary component to transcend the painful, fear-laden scope of now and the uncertainty that lives in the horizons of tomorrow.

Although each is vastly distinct from the other, it is the collaborative power of all three that ensures our inner wholeness–our right to exist beyond the shadows of doubt, half-truths and somber visions of our purpose and destiny. It is this wholeness–this celebratory freedom fest–that causes us to breathe hope in the midst of angst, to sing songs in the face of sorrow and to stand when everything in us–in me–says to cower in fear.

Yes, it is in this valley–this trench of disparity–that growth, healing and rest partner to birth our renewed sense of self and value. They whisper into the ears of our hearts that these–fear, hopelessness, frustration–shall pass. They remind us that even in the most harrowing moments of our life’s journey, we are never ever left alone…never left uncovered.

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