Daring to Dream a Better Dream – Speak To It

Dare to dream. Reads like a tired cliche people say when nothing else presents itself. Feels like empty chants of unfulfilled visions and aspirations chanting in unison, willing something more into existence. Sings like a failing melody etched in wayward sharps and flats, causing even the most level headed to cling to little more than a dollar and a dream because “hey, you never know.”

For some, daring to dream is synonymous with two words: unattainable reality. Before it can even be entertained, seriously pondered, or given the chance to present its case before the grand jury, it is struck down, mocked, and impaled before an arena filled with well-meaning peers, co-workers, family members, and others who have our ear. There, on the stage of our mind’s eye, an open spectacle is made of those things we desperately cling to even in the face of evidence that attests to failed plans, broken dreams and verdicts riddled with judgment and shame.

“You will never…you can never…it will never…” Stop. Play. Repeat.  In record time, it tops the Billboards with hit albums not even the King of Pop can compete with. “You will never…you can never…it will never…”


Dare: to have the courage to contend against, venture, or try; to confront boldly.

Dream: a strong desired goal or purpose; something notable for its beauty, excellence or enjoyable quality

Dare to dream: having the courage to boldly venture or try to attain a strong desired goal or purpose notable for its beauty, excellence or enjoyable quality. 

Daring to dream is not about sitting, wishing or entertaining wild visions of grandeur. It’s about being deathly afraid to let go of familiar things but choosing to do it  in pursuit of something better and more fulfilling. It’s about swimming upstream against the currents of naysayers, traditions and status quo to embark on your own story, told in your own voice and etched through time in your own hand.

It’s about recognizing the realities of fear but not giving it more power than it deserves. Fear grows when you feed it–so don’t.

It’s HARD work making a dream come true. Not because of lack of finances, funding or even a decent business plan. No. The real battle isn’t fought on paper, at the bank or even with a sponsor. The real battle is fought inside you–specifically, inside your mind. It doesn’t matter if you have the perfect plan for your dream, without believing that it will happen–that you can do it–your dream will remain what it is now, a thought.

On April 27, I took my own advice and launched Write Now Communications aka Selena’s Write. I’ve been working as a freelance editor and writer for several years and well, I dared to dream a better dream, one which fear could no longer rule.

Is it scary? At times, definitely. I’ve always worked a 9 to 5. Is it all roses? Absolutely not. It’s tough. And sometimes, it just hurts. The unknown, the stress, the what if’s. But that’s what daring means remember? To have the courage to contend against. 

Chances are you’re a contender too. You’re here. You’re moving beyond your own setbacks, painful past, or hard-learned lessons. You, like me, are refusing to be confined to your place as a ________ (insert label). Instead, you have decreed to the universe that you will not retreat; you will not surrender; and you will not compromise. Your dreams are yours. Dare to dream a better dream.

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