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Great Parenting Made Easy

We’re parents now.

Whether that was a SURPRISE on all fronts or a planned decent into the world of liquid poop, vomit and zombie-esque trances brought on by too little sleep and not enough coffee on the planet to make a difference. Yup, we’re in charge now. Ready or not, we call the shots, make the decisions and get it done. We’re not just parents, we’re THE role models of the century.

From the time we bring them home, our treasures will observe, scrutinize, stalk and otherwise abuse us with their ability to generate eye-watering, gag-like smells not fit for any human being. True story.

You’ll be spit on and love it. Your cheeks, nose and eyes will make great friends with your baby’s  tongue. And much to your shock, you’ll find yourself giving more, loving more, than you ever thought possible. You’ll laugh, cry and want to rip your hair out…and that’s just the first day. Ha! Okay, perhaps that’s just the Terrible Two’s.

As parents–solo and joint–we want the absolute best for our children. We want to do what’s right and keep our heads on straight as we do. There’s so much we don’t know, so much we want to know and so much we’re not sure about. We want to be great parents and we want a solid, easy to follow plan to get there.

Parenting with Love and Logic

4 Tips to Parenting with Love and Logic

Laugh. Seems simple enough right? Just baaahahahahahaha and all will be well. Is that it Selena? Well, yes. Laughter does the soul good like medicine. It is highly contagious and is a great way to relieve stress. It’s easy to let fear, doubt and anxiety take over. Don’t. Laughing babies are happy babies and that’s a good sign you’re doing something right.

Lie. Yes, I said it. I know what you’re thinking: that’s cruel and wrong. You could be right but I’m telling you, it works. Case in point, the dreaded bed time. In my house, there would be crying, tantrums and nail biting “but why” sessions that made your eyes cross. Until I told them to sleep with their eyes open.  Impossible? I know. They didn’t. So, they laid there with their eyes open until they weren’t. No fuss. No issue. Problem solved. Today, we laugh about it…a lot. No harm. No foul.

Live. Parenting can be exhausting and tends to suck the life out of you, but you don’t have to let it. If you liked to dance or sing before, do it with your children. If you love the outdoors, crafting or other hobbies try getting your children involved. Kids love to be included in our lives. It makes them feel important and valued. And you’ll enjoy yourself a lot more than you think!

Learn. Parenting is a life long journey in which you never stop learning or growing, much like your bundle of joy. Kids are relentless with their questions. You should be too. Talk to your grandparents, other parents, pediatricians, friends and relatives. No one person has all the answers, including me. But we each carry a piece to a very intricate puzzle and if we put them all together, we can create one heck of an amazing view!

Great Parents Discuss

I want to hear from YOU!

Do you have parenting tips that help or have helped you be a better parent? Do you have burning parenting questions you’d like to ask? What’s your biggest fear about being a parent? You’re biggest triumph?

Share in the comments.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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