In Search of Hope in Weighted Fields

speak life

Sometimes, there isn’t an explanation.  I mean how do you begin? How do you try to justify ache inflicted at the hands of others who openly ridicule, mock and otherwise strip you of the little self-worth you’ve managed to salvage? Where would you even start? Do you start with “This too shall pass” followed by a healthy dose of “Stick and stones may break your bones?” Maybe you follow it up with a quote about staying positive, having faith or not living in your emotions.


It’s easy to tell me to get over an offense when the spittle isn’t clinging to your face–still warm by the way.  It’s no skin off your back to speak boldly about forgiveness while my blood pools at your feet–wound fresh.

Tweet: Sometimes, there’s just no explanation for pain but that doesn’t mean there’s no salvation from it. It doesn’t mean there isn’t a way out, a way up and a way over whatever hurdle you’re faced with. And it certainly does not mean you should give up or cave in. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever!

I know it’s been hard these past couple of months. Heck, there were more than a few times where I wondered if I’d ever see the sunshine again.  It hurts, deep, when you’ve been pressed, tried and practically hung out to dry by co-workers, strangers, business cohorts, fair weather friends and then some. You’ve been fighting and waging a personal war just to stay afloat mentally, emotionally and physically. Some days you win. When you don’t, you lose not at life but at truth. You–me–we trade it for the likes of these: This is how it will always be. It’s not worth it and neither am I. I don’t even know why I bother! Nothing will ever change. Why can’t I ever…? I’m always going to be…

Takes courage to call out a liar. Takes some kind of chutzpah when you’re in the trenches to decree that come hell or high water, you’re NOT going to settle, that you’re not gonna accept today as the defining standard for tomorrow. Takes pain to recognize your own power. Takes fire to burn away chaff.

You have that courage, that chutzpah, that power and that fire. YOU are a force to be reckoned with. And while you’re taking time to heal (which you should), strengthening your resolve and reassessing your situation, always remember goodness follows you, greatness lives in you and joy will always come in the morning. Don’t lose heart friends.

As always,


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