Forgiveness. Not Foolishness. | HugsandFistBumps

Today is a new day. It’s a clean slate, a second chance to focus, live and breathe. It’s your chance to right your mistakes or move forward in a way that allows you to move beyond them. Today, will never come again. So,  own it, live it and embrace it. Let it’s newness breathe afresh in your lungs reminding you that it’s okay to be a better you–that it’s okay to trust you with you. A key part of this trust process is forgiveness. Too often, we equate forgiveness with acceptance or we misconstrue it as something we do for others so that we can return to the time before the offense was rendered,  or before the crushing blow was delivered at the hands of someone we held in high regard. Forgiveness does not mean access is restored. It doesn’t mean that you will somehow ignore, forget or cast aside the wrong inflicted. It doesn’t mean the rank, position or status of the offender is reinstated. No… that my dear is foolery with a side of madness. Forgiveness is releasing the offense so that it has no bearing on the course you choose for your life. It means eradicating another’s ability to confiscate or amputate your pursuit of happiness and joy. It is healing and freedom and bliss and power rolled in one. It is laughter and progress in the face of yesterday’s woes. Tweet: Forgiveness is giving yourself permission to choose you, every day and in every way. It boldly declares: I choose to protect me because you fail to respect me. Release the offense. Forgive the offender. Protect your spirit and your space. Settle for nothing less. As always, Hugs

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