Never Would Have Made It



My sisters are my rocks. My brothers give me life. My daddy and uncles enlarge my perspective and love of self. My coworkers turned family always got my back. And hugs from my duo are life changing. But let me tell you. I NEVER would have made it. NEVER could have made it without Him. I’m not talking about the weak, small-minded, antiquated, opposite-of-the-devil, sanctioner of human atrocities, restricted to 4 walls and 2 days of the week, Him, some folks talk about.

I’m talking about the Architect of the Universe. The Chief Conductor of my life’s symphony. The One whose power makes an open spectacle of physics. The Breath that exhales across a myriad of cultures, customs, languages and regions. The Name that reverberates through time and space. The Lover whose well never runs dry. The Author who pens stories not yet written. The Giver of beauty for ashes. The Maker of joy in the midst of chaos. I’m talking about that Him. I never would have made it, without Him. NEVER.

It’s easy to see this smile and think you go girl. But y’all weren’t there when life was dark and mean and the thought of tomorrow left me in shambles, full of dread and panic. You weren’t there when the boogie man was real. You didn’t see the rivers I cried because everything looked and felt hopeless. You didn’t hear the silent cries for death because it was the only hope I could see. But I MADE IT!!  And YOU WILL TOO!

So hang in there. Keep fighting. And don’t you dare give up. I promise you hope is real. Joy is imminent. Change is coming. More important, you’re not alone.

As always,


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