See You. Even If No One Else Does.

If no one says thank you, complete the deed anyway.

If no one congratulates you, hold your head up and celebrate yourself. You’re a champion and no one can say different.

If no one says I’m proud of you, know that those who came before you smile and marvel at your works. They think you’re amazing and so do I.

If no one says I’m sorry, forgive them anyway. No sense in you paying a debt that someone else created.

If no one says you’re worth it, find a mirror and speak to the person staring back you “You’re worth it. You deserve it. And you will have it.” See yourself rise and you always will.

If no one seems to care. Know that I do. Someone does and they always will. Keep searching and don’t stop. It always seems dark when there’s no light. Look for the light honey.

It’s okay to encourage yourself. It’s okay to speak hope, life and joy over yourself. It’s okay to see yourself where you want to be instead of where you are now. Don’t just think about wanting more see yourself having more and watch how quickly the Universe will breathe and doors will appear.

As always,


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