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It’s okay to put you first. Say it with me… it’s okay to put me first!!

Forget what you’ve heard. Throw out what you’ve been taught. Self-love is the new black and you know what? It’s about time.

How long have you suffered in silence, hiding the scars on your soul because you felt like you had to keep going or that you had to keep pushing? How many times did you abuse yourself with words like lazy, slacker, scatter-brained or fool because you were overwhelmed with motherly, sisterly, can’t-say-no-erly responsibilities that left you feeling like you were drowning?

When did a twitching eye, pinched nerve, dizzy spells and other clear indications of an overtaxed body become as common as drinking a glass of water? More important, when did we stop being alarmed by it? There is one you. ONE unique, amazing, quirky you. Think of yourself as a dam. Dams are sturdy, well-built and generally speaking, provide a great service to others. But when the  dam takes on more water than it has the capacity to accommodate, stress fractures ensue. Cracks and leaks are imminent. It’s not a matter of if it’ll collapse, but when. The same holds true for you.

Stop ignoring the glaring stress fractures in your life. Stop pushing or forcing yourself forward when you should be taking a step or two back. Your yes to every thing or everyone except you, is slowly fracturing you. Collapse is imminent.

Friends, it’s okay to put you first. I promise, it’s okay to take a day to recoup. The dishes, laundry or bills will still be there. The earth will still spin on its axis and the sun will  still rise and set.

You need the rest. You need the space. Take it.

As always,



2 thoughts on “Head Up. Shoulders Back. You Forward. | HugsandFistBumps

  1. TinzRant says:

    Love this quote. We should first love ourselves before we love others. Very inspiring quote. Look forward to reading future post from you. Check my post out when you get the chance 🙂


  2. Selena says:

    Thank you for your kind words TinzRant. And I’ll be heading over to your site as well. I can’t wait to read what words of wisdom you have. 🙂


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