Don’t Let What You See Determine How High You Soar: The Case for Letting Go and Moving Forward



You are not your mistakes. You are not your circumstances. You are not your yesterday.

You are powerful, beautiful and capable of extraordinary feats. You are impossibility wrapped in grace and splendor. You are heaven’s fingerprint on the tapestry of life’s intricate quilt.

Don’t allow the limitations of what you see around you to dictate or manipulate the vision within you.

Have you heard the saying bad company corrupts good character? Well sometimes, bad situations influence how we feel or think about ourselves and our future. If we’re not careful, these situations can render us apathetic, despair-stricken and too emotionally overloaded to notice we’re sinking.

Friends, it’s time to stop allowing toxic relationships and circumstances to corrupt your trajectory to success. It’s time to distance yourself from small minds and petty people. It’s time to take the limits off and give your dreams the opportunity to breathe. Give your soul the chance to thrive.

Remember, where you are and what you’re experiencing, does not determine who you are or where you’re headed. Soar high. Dream big. And keep moving forward.

As always,


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