Start. Finish. Succeed. | Hugs and Fist Bumps

No matter what goal you have in mind. No matter how many plans or dreams you’ve written, framed or committed to memory. No matter how many vision boards, or bucket lists you have hanging on the wall…

If you don’t start, you’ll never finish. 

For many years, achieving a goal felt more like a dreamy, euphoric concept than it did a tangible reality. You see, somewhere between writing goals, assessing self, making lists, and dreaming about better, I settled on this notion that now was never the time. How could it be? 

I needed more-education, finances, faith, hope, goals-because without them, I’d fail. Without them, I’d never get half as far as I could. So, I wrote more goals. I took more classes. I held up a mirror to self and assessed to my heart’s delight. And you know where it got me? A little bit closer to half past never. 

If you don’t start, you’ll never finish

Goals. Faith. Dreams. They’re all wonderful to have in your arsenal of awesome. They collaborate to bring you closer to understanding your place in the earth. They enlarge your capacity to think bigger and be better. But you know what? A dream without action is just a wish. And while wishing on a star sounds magical, the real magic happens when you act-when you move forward, even when you’re terrified. 

Faith without works, is dead. 

Faith, much like love, requires  action. It requires determination and a willingness to take steps even when it feels like you’re shrouded in uncertainty or darkness. It means taking a breath and taking a step-daily and intentionally. 

Lovelies, if you don’t start, you can’t finish. If you don’t knock, the door remains closed. If you don’t pursue what you dream, you’ll never have it. So, start today. Leap today. Decide today that you’ll do what’s necessary to pursue your goals and change your life. The best awaits you. 

As always,


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