Nothing Works Unless You DO | Hugs and Fist Bumps

Dreams. Goals. Visions. They’re important, no, necessary, in keeping us focused on why we’re here and how to live out that why in small, everyday impactful ways. They steer us in the right direction. They help us shirk life’s distractions. They serve as a beacon lighting our journey with hope for tomorrow and today. We may not know the future but we have hope and for many, that’s just as good, if not better.

We like it here. We’re proud here. We’ve come so far by faith here and life is good.

Until it isn’t.

Until it’s all talk and no progress. Until you’re swept up in a rising tide of glittery, sparkly words with no substance. All bark, no bite. All talk, no action. Faith, no works.

Our ambitions aren’t meant to be empty words carefully crafted in a journal or beautifully arranged on a vision board. They’re meant to fan the flames of purpose in our life. They’re meant to ignite our imaginations and propel us forward.

Lovelies, nothing works unless you do. Forward isn’t possible unless you move. Faith comes alive when you DO, when you act.

No matter how tiny the step or how daunting it may seem, do it anyway. You may be terrified, uncertain, anxious or worried. Do it anyway.

Doing isn’t always this grand leap forward or stupefying act or deed. I like to think that most times, it’s tiny, quiet and impactful, much like a mustard seed.

Small steps count. Small acts count. So, DO.
As always,


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