Obstacles. Who Needs Them? Well, You Do. | Hugs and Fist Bumps

Obstacles. Who needs them? They’re hard, hurtful and leave us feeling hopeless. They’re a nuisance, a bother. We would be better off without them.

Consider this: obstacles afford us the opportunity to shine a light not on our circumstance, but on the situation brewing inside of us—fear, anxiety, doubt and despair. It beckons us to examine the image in the mirror and ask the tough questions we ignore in calmer times. Hurdles offer us a platform in which we can rise higher, burn brighter, and be braver than we ever thought possible.

Friends, there’s a lesson in every low point. There’s a dream born in every difficulty. There’s passion just on the other side of your problem. Don’t run from the issue, run toward it. Don’t pity or punish yourself for making a mistake; use this time to position yourself for something bigger and better.

There’s greatness and wonder and power in you. So, head up, shoulders back and you forward.

As always,


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