Run From What’s Comfortable

Blame. Indifference. Bias. Ignorance. Shame. Judgement.

They’re comfortable—easy. They’re what we run to when the unfamiliar ruffles our perspective. They’re what we resort to when we forget that ‘we the people’ means all of us and not just some of us. Comfortable IS easy but growth, healing and love are lasting. They alter trajectories and upend history. They move mountains because of seed faiths that birth the kind of legacies our children deserve.

Lovelies, sometimes, the most powerful thing you can do is say yes. Say yes to yourself, to your truth, and to all that awaits you beyond the barriers of your comfort zone. It’s scary, I know. Make the journey anyway. You will lose some people in the process, I know. Move forward anyway. You’ll be tempted to return to old thoughts and behaviors. Stand and resist anyway.

YOU are light and love and strength. Don’t let what’s comfortable bar you from experiencing all that is possible.  Love is a verb. It nurtures. It cares and in the end, it heals. Run from what’s comfortable and watch the world around you blossom.

As always,


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