Because Every Goliath Meets Its David


A dream without action is just a wish. And while wishing on a star sounds magical, the real magic happens when you act–when you move forward, even when you’re terrified.

2018 is the year Goliath meets David. It’s the year of woman thou art loosed. The year of great rising and insurrection. The year of goals that shift foundations and fracture limitations. The year of pursuing the very things that terrify us most. It’s you and me crossing the line in the sand and leaving the boundaries of our comfort zone behind us.

Make no mistake. This is NOT for the faint, the easily offended or those in want of a quick exit. Lovelies, hear me well. I can’t tell you that fear will cease to echo in the inner chambers of your mind. I can’t tell you that doubt will be evicted, once and for all, from the premises of your soul. I can’t tell you that your past won’t try to sneak up and grab you when you least expect it.

But if you faint not, the harvest will be worth it.

Tiny step. Giant leap. It doesn’t matter. What matters is you’re moving forward, in spite of fear. That you’re refusing to bow to it or let it dictate what you can, will or should do. And that, my friend, releases power.

I’m not talking about that She-Ra type of power. No, I’m talking about that no-holds-barred-ain’t-no-stopping-me-now-better-move-or-be-moved type of power. The sort of power that swells and crests, shakes and shimmies, dances and crawls because its mantra has never changed: I am. I can. I will.

This power continually bellows Try again. Keep going. It’s okay. You can do this. Its methodology is ever-changing—books, sermons, hugs, kindness, music, poetry, love, or hope—but forever lights the way like super moons that point north.

You are. You can. You will.

Lovelies, it’s okay to be afraid, terrified or anxious. It’s okay that butterflies take up residence in your stomach every time you think about doing that one thing. It’s okay that you feel like you’re up against something you lack the fortitude to tackle. Keep going. Keep growing. Keep expanding your horizons. And in due season, you will launch the stone that slays your giant.

As always,



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