Hello, Lovelies.

That moment when you hear the right words at the right time and everything—pain, ache, confusion, despair—dissipates and what remains is peace, clarity and hope that this too shall pass. That moment when you feel as though you’ve got a second wind that fuels an insatiable appetite for abundance, the likes your soul has never seen. That moment where your yes becomes a resounding hell yeah rippling throughout the universe and with it your pledge to be better than you were yesterday.

Simple. Practical. Words. Fitly spoken in due season, like apples of gold in settings of silver. Words that hug, heal, empower and encourage.

This is my passion: to hug folks with words.

If you’re new here, welcome! I hope the words you read hug and uplift you right where you are. I hope and pray that healing, joy and sunny days are just within your reach. And above all, I wish your blessings outweigh your burdens; treasures outnumber your trials and hope outshines all harrowing ordeals and events in your life.

My friend, nothing is impossible. Nothing.

So, take a deep breath, you’re safe here. You’re welcome here. You matter here. And that’s what this blog is all about: using words to hug, heal, encourage and empower one heart at a time. And remember, joy always comes in the morning…always.




4 thoughts on “Hello, Lovelies.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Selena
    Enjoyed reading this your words have hugged me were healing to me and have empowered me and encouraged me. Your blog is good for the soul.

    Debra McDonald


    • Selena says:

      Debra!! 😍

      Welcome and ((hugs)) to you.

      Thank you sooo much for your kind words. I’m so touched and honored that you’re here…and that my words have impacted you in a way that brought healing to you.

      It’s words like yours that remind me that there is a space for what I love to do: share hope, hugs and healing with others. Thanks again and have an awesome day!

      Have a splendid day!

      Selena WordHug™ Creator

      Read the latest #wordhug: The Village Never Fails! http://bit.ly/1O96oR1



  2. Lisa Jones says:

    I just got real excited when I subscribed to your page. I really do enjoy reading all the encouraging words specifically the ones that hit me personally. Keep on encouraging you never know who needs what. #Blackgirlmagic.


    • Selena says:


      Yaaaay my sista girl is here! ((Hugs)) to you honey and thank you for your encouraging words. It makes my soul smile to know that my words are bringing light, hope and love to others. What an amazing way to start off a Monday. 😍

      Have a splendid day!



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