Finding Strength in Weakness | Hugs and FistBumps

Even in hard moments ripe with despair, you can turn your wounds into wisdom. You can receive the strength you need to make it another day. Where there’s strength, there’s hope and when there is hope, anything is possible.

Start. Finish. Succeed. | Hugs and Fist Bumps

No matter what goal you have in mind. No matter how many plans or dreams you've written, framed or committed to memory. No matter how many vision boards, or bucket lists you have hanging on the wall... If you don't start, you'll never finish.  For many years, achieving a goal felt more like a dreamy, … Continue reading Start. Finish. Succeed. | Hugs and Fist Bumps

See Light in the Midst of Darkness | HugsandFistBumps

  Growth, strength and transformation involve struggle. It involves falling down and getting up. Losing some and gaining more. It's harmony and agony served with a side of honesty and courage. Life has a way of contracting around us forcing us through tunnels that sharpen our ability to see light in the midst of darkness. … Continue reading See Light in the Midst of Darkness | HugsandFistBumps

When Reconciliation Fails, Wounds Speak

Reconciliation failed me, but my wounds lifted me.  Reconciliation: Two or more people moving in tandem to create a legacy of understanding, honesty and transparency. They move in sync progressing toward a common goal: healing. Make no mistake, reconciliation is work. It is not for the weak or the easily-ruffled nor is it for fair-weather folks … Continue reading When Reconciliation Fails, Wounds Speak