Batman vs. Bratz: A Saga is Born

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away--original aren't I--an intergalactic battle of epic proportions ignited, pitting mother against father or in this case da da dommm brother against sister. The battle for superhero supremeness was in full swing. In his navy blue hooded bathrobe, the Most High Obi-won't-you-be-sad-when-my-Batman-smokes-your-stupid-Bratz stood fearless with his blue … Continue reading Batman vs. Bratz: A Saga is Born

Poo Vay Maw Parlatwoket?

Allow me to introduce you to french--sort of. Every night, for the past 11 years, my son and I have a routine: I say it's bed time and he tries to convince me otherwise. I tuck him in and he always remembers he forgot something in the kitchen, dining room or any other room downstairs. And finally, … Continue reading Poo Vay Maw Parlatwoket?

Finally, An Actress…Maybe

Mommy/Daughter Outtakes Part 2 It's nighttime and once again, Sariah wants to talk. Now, don't get me wrong; this is an AWESOME thing. Young girls should be encouraged to shoot straight from the hip without apology and compromise. I say, the earlier she knows how to express what she wants, the better. That said, I’ll … Continue reading Finally, An Actress…Maybe

When A Hug Just Isn’t

Mommy’s having sex, even in the church!: A hug just isn’t a hug anymore. Malcolm age 8, Sariah 6   This one needs no explanation. Why? Just keep reading.   Malcolm: whispering Sariah, I have a secret Sariah: oooh, tell me! Tell me! Malcolm: SHHHH! Close the door first. Sariah: partly closes the door. Ok, … Continue reading When A Hug Just Isn’t