When Love Is Absent, It’s Time To Go

When a smile feels more like a grimace. 

When a compliment is tinged with cruelty. 

When blame and accusation cloud truth and integrity. 

When lies are rampant. 

When words become weapons. 

When you are vilified for choosing you especially when you desperately need it. 

When you’re treated like a burden instead of the blessing you truly are. 

When all, some or most of these happen, you know it’s time to leave the table. 

Lovelies, don’t be afraid to get up and leave when love is no longer being served. If you don’t value YOU, no one else will. If you don’t advocate for YOU, you’ll be a willing particpant in your demise. 

It’s hard to make a clean break from hurtful people. It’s difficult to acknowledge when we’re being mistreated, especially when it involves those we hold in high esteem. But we must remove the rose tinted glasses. We must listen when people tell us who they are and respond accordingly. We must teach and encourage ourselves to see beyond eloquent words or grand gestures so that we can better position ourselves to assess actions and behaviors. 

Love is a verb. Love respects. Love lifts. Love expels fear and condemnation–it doesn’t nurture it. 


Laughter: A Poem | Hugs and Fist Bumps

Written: Wednesday, April 26, 2017; 7:45 am

I laughed last night til I broke. Til the cracked damns of life receded into the shores of bright tomorrows and sparkling horizons. 

Til my soul’s sorrows crumpled under the boom of belly laughs fat with tears and hope and mystical possibilities.

Til joy cracked open doubt and ache like fresh coconut off the tree. Sweet island nectar trickles down my chin. 

See, fear can’t hold me, impossible can’t stop me. 

Watch these wings baby, to infinity and beyond. 

Catch this stardust baby, cause the moon goddess awakens. 

Haven’t you heard? 

Murky murmurings have lost their sting. Ladened lisps have lost their clout. 
Oppression. Aggression. Condemnation. 

Your works have no roots. Your works bear no fruit. 

Death swept across your lush terrains stripping you bare. Open spectacle. 

I see you.