Laughter: A Poem | Hugs and Fist Bumps

Written: Wednesday, April 26, 2017; 7:45 am

I laughed last night til I broke. Til the cracked damns of life receded into the shores of bright tomorrows and sparkling horizons. 

Til my soul’s sorrows crumpled under the boom of belly laughs fat with tears and hope and mystical possibilities.

Til joy cracked open doubt and ache like fresh coconut off the tree. Sweet island nectar trickles down my chin. 

See, fear can’t hold me, impossible can’t stop me. 

Watch these wings baby, to infinity and beyond. 

Catch this stardust baby, cause the moon goddess awakens. 

Haven’t you heard? 

Murky murmurings have lost their sting. Ladened lisps have lost their clout. 
Oppression. Aggression. Condemnation. 

Your works have no roots. Your works bear no fruit. 

Death swept across your lush terrains stripping you bare. Open spectacle. 

I see you.

Growth Happens

Growth is intentional. 

Sometimes it makes us uncomfortable as we step outside of what’s familiar. Other times it leaves us feeling alienated as we grapple with emotions and thought processes that drain and/or embarrass us. “I thought I was better than that,” we say. “I thought I knew better,” we cry. We feel vulnerable and maybe even ashamed for our mistakes and flaws. Don’t condemn yourself because you made a mistake. Don’t punish yourself for what you didn’t know. 

Instead, extend grace and forgiveness to yourself. Speak kindly to and about yourself. Growth happens in the valley, lovelies. Joy, freedom and wisdom, abound in the valley. The valley is a place of transformation–a place where lessons are learned and burdens are lifted. You can be polished to a beautiful shine or pummeled by guilt and anger. Growth IS intentional, but only if you choose, only if YOU decide. 

Choose to grow, lovelies.  You’re worth it.

As always,