When Reconciliation Fails, Wounds Speak

Reconciliation failed me, but my wounds lifted me.  Reconciliation: Two or more people moving in tandem to create a legacy of understanding, honesty and transparency. They move in sync progressing toward a common goal: healing. Make no mistake, reconciliation is work. It is not for the weak or the easily-ruffled nor is it for fair-weather folks … Continue reading When Reconciliation Fails, Wounds Speak

Forgiveness. Not Foolishness. | HugsandFistBumps

Today is a new day. It's a clean slate, a second chance to focus, live and breathe. It's your chance to right your mistakes or move forward in a way that allows you to move beyond them. Today, will never come again. So,  own it, live it and embrace it. Let it's newness breathe afresh … Continue reading Forgiveness. Not Foolishness. | HugsandFistBumps