When Reconciliation Fails, Wounds Speak

Reconciliation failed me, but my wounds lifted me.  Reconciliation: Two or more people moving in tandem to create a legacy of understanding, honesty and transparency. They move in sync progressing toward a common goal: healing. Make no mistake, reconciliation is work. It is not for the weak or the easily-ruffled nor is it for fair-weather folks … Continue reading When Reconciliation Fails, Wounds Speak

Head Up. Shoulders Back. You Forward. | HugsandFistBumps

It's okay to put you first. Say it with me... it's okay to put me first!! Forget what you've heard. Throw out what you've been taught. Self-love is the new black and you know what? It's about time. How long have you suffered in silence, hiding the scars on your soul because you felt like … Continue reading Head Up. Shoulders Back. You Forward. | HugsandFistBumps

In Search of Hope in Weighted Fields

Sometimes, there isn't an explanation.  I mean how do you begin? How do you try to justify ache inflicted at the hands of others who openly ridicule, mock and otherwise strip you of the little self-worth you've managed to salvage? Where would you even start? Do you start with "This too shall pass" followed by a … Continue reading In Search of Hope in Weighted Fields

The Village Never Fails!

  The village never fails!! You've heard the addage "it takes a village to raise a child." Well I submit it takes the village to save a life. See, there'll come a time when life will deal you the kind of blow that sucks the air out of your lungs giving fear the kind of foothold that defuncts … Continue reading The Village Never Fails!