Run From What’s Comfortable

Blame. Indifference. Bias. Ignorance. Shame. Judgement. They’re comfortable—easy. They’re what we run to when the unfamiliar ruffles our perspective. They’re what we resort to when we forget that ‘we the people’ means all of us and not just some of us. Comfortable IS easy but growth, healing and love are lasting. They alter trajectories and … Continue reading Run From What’s Comfortable

Never Would Have Made It

  My sisters are my rocks. My brothers give me life. My daddy and uncles enlarge my perspective and love of self. My coworkers turned family always got my back. And hugs from my duo are life changing. But let me tell you. I NEVER would have made it. NEVER could have made it without … Continue reading Never Would Have Made It

My Teen Daughter’s a Bully and I’m Okay With That

...and suddenly you realize words like days from hell aren’t that farfetched…at all. In fact, you almost believe you coined the phrase. The last 2 days have been hell; not that I’ve ever been and can now recount it like yesterday’s dinner menu (which incidentally was homemade garlic/savory hummus, warm Taandori naan, coconut jasmine rice and turmeric … Continue reading My Teen Daughter’s a Bully and I’m Okay With That