When Reconciliation Fails, Wounds Speak

Reconciliation failed me, but my wounds lifted me.  Reconciliation: Two or more people moving in tandem to create a legacy of understanding, honesty and transparency. They move in sync progressing toward a common goal: healing. Make no mistake, reconciliation is work. It is not for the weak or the easily-ruffled nor is it for fair-weather folks … Continue reading When Reconciliation Fails, Wounds Speak

Head Up. Shoulders Back. You Forward. | HugsandFistBumps

It's okay to put you first. Say it with me... it's okay to put me first!! Forget what you've heard. Throw out what you've been taught. Self-love is the new black and you know what? It's about time. How long have you suffered in silence, hiding the scars on your soul because you felt like … Continue reading Head Up. Shoulders Back. You Forward. | HugsandFistBumps

Never Would Have Made It

  My sisters are my rocks. My brothers give me life. My daddy and uncles enlarge my perspective and love of self. My coworkers turned family always got my back. And hugs from my duo are life changing. But let me tell you. I NEVER would have made it. NEVER could have made it without … Continue reading Never Would Have Made It

Forgiveness. Not Foolishness. | HugsandFistBumps

Today is a new day. It's a clean slate, a second chance to focus, live and breathe. It's your chance to right your mistakes or move forward in a way that allows you to move beyond them. Today, will never come again. So,  own it, live it and embrace it. Let it's newness breathe afresh … Continue reading Forgiveness. Not Foolishness. | HugsandFistBumps