The Village Never Fails!

  The village never fails!! You've heard the addage "it takes a village to raise a child." Well I submit it takes the village to save a life. See, there'll come a time when life will deal you the kind of blow that sucks the air out of your lungs giving fear the kind of foothold that defuncts … Continue reading The Village Never Fails!

What Is Your Heart Thirsting For?

Is it the melody your soul sings when no one’s looking or around? Is it the cleansing air you gasp to breathe when stifling vapors leave you bound? Is it joy, peace or inherent exploits of strength or security? Is it hope eternal, love immortal, a cry of the heart is what exactly? Is it … Continue reading What Is Your Heart Thirsting For?

New. You. Now.

You’ve sang the song, drank the champagne, laid out your resolutions for 2009 and you’re psyched. You’re ready to climb any mountain, slay any obstacle, meet any challenge; there’s no doubt about it: you’re out for blood. Hurrah! It’s game time baby!!   And then something begins to happen. A month goes by, then four … Continue reading New. You. Now.

Mind If I Get Real for a Moment?

Originally, I sent this message out to the ladies in my Life Group. But it really can apply to anyone of us. Ever have someone tick you off so bad you thought about slapping them upside the head with whatever was within reach?! A shoe, a stapler, maybe even your car?    Now, don't sit … Continue reading Mind If I Get Real for a Moment?