Understanding How Boys and Girls Think

Boys and Girls: They Are Different Because They Think Different As a parent of both a male and female child, I've learned a powerful truth: boys and girls are different. Not the most profound thing you've heard today, I know. Still, aside from the obvious anatomical differences, boys and girls differ in a very unique … Continue reading Understanding How Boys and Girls Think

My Name is Selena and I Have Man Envy…

Your Man Envy Is Showing Good Day Blogger Friends and Family! It's been way too long since my last post and now that I've settled into my CRAZY schedule my posts will be a lot more regular...ahem, your honor I'd like that stricken from the record on the grounds that it might contaminate the jury. … Continue reading My Name is Selena and I Have Man Envy…

Finally, An Actress…Maybe

Mommy/Daughter Outtakes Part 2 It's nighttime and once again, Sariah wants to talk. Now, don't get me wrong; this is an AWESOME thing. Young girls should be encouraged to shoot straight from the hip without apology and compromise. I say, the earlier she knows how to express what she wants, the better. That said, I’ll … Continue reading Finally, An Actress…Maybe

When A Hug Just Isn’t

Mommy’s having sex, even in the church!: A hug just isn’t a hug anymore. Malcolm age 8, Sariah 6   This one needs no explanation. Why? Just keep reading.   Malcolm: whispering Sariah, I have a secret Sariah: oooh, tell me! Tell me! Malcolm: SHHHH! Close the door first. Sariah: partly closes the door. Ok, … Continue reading When A Hug Just Isn’t